Play a key role in removing old locks and dams to benefit wildlife habitat and expand recreational opportunities. Engage in discussions about creating a National Wildlife Refuge that would emphasize recreational access to key stretches of the Green River.


  • Hosted a Green River Summit to solicit input from conservation partners including Kentucky Waterways Alliance, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and members of the community on how to work together in the future to protect and use the watershed.
  • Crafted a five-year Conservation Business Plan which shifts the Conservancy’s focus from the upper Green River watershed to the entire basin.
  • Implemented numerous on-the-ground conservation and research projects including bat habitat monitoring, two Green River clean-up events, and successful prescribed burns at the Davis Bend Nature Preserve, the 100-Acre Pond Nature Preserve and on private lands.
  • Hired a new position to engage landowners and promote best management practices that will improve water quality downstream in the Ohio River, the Mississippi River and eventually the Gulf of Mexico.



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The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky