Kris Sirchio

Kentucky Chapter Board Chair

Welcome to The Nature Conservancy, Kentucky Chapter’s first ever digital Year in Review!


Thanks to you and our dedicated staff and volunteers, The Nature Conservancy had a great year in 2014. Guided by our mission to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends, we delivered meaningful and lasting conservation results across the Bluegrass State.  I am excited to share our most significant and inspiring accomplishments from the past year with you.


From the Mississippi River Basin in the west to the Central Appalachians in the east, we have made great strides in protecting and restoring some of Kentucky’s most unique and cherished landscapes. At places like the Dupree Nature Preserve on the Kentucky River, the Green River watershed in Hart County and even in Louisville, our largest city, we have engaged more people than ever in the important work of ensuring we all have clean air and water, healthy soils, and open spaces to enjoy in the future.


Looking back on The Nature Conservancy’s accomplishments in 2014, I am proud to report that we have never been stronger. While our planet faces daunting challenges, thanks to you we are making real progress conserving the land and waters that sustain us all, both here in Kentucky and toward the natural systems that connect us to the larger world.


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The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky