Determine how the Conservancy can complement existing initiatives and where we may take the lead to immediately benefit the city. Identify several big projects where we can make a lasting impact, quickly, to represent our commitment to the whole community and to our 6,000+ members in Louisville. Approach every project in ways which bridge the socio-economic divide.

  • Established a presence in Louisville, to engage more than half of our membership in our conservation work around the state.
  • Collaborated with the Conservancy’s Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities Initiative and local partners Louisville Grows, Brightside and Louisville Loves Trees to begin defining our role in restoring the city’s ailing tree canopy which contributes to an infamous heat island and bad air quality.
  • Engaged Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future (LEAF) interns — the program’s first group employed to tackle conservation issues in an urban setting — in tree plantings to support wildlife habitat, beautify and cool neighborhoods, and generate city pride.
  • Hired a Director of Urban Conservation to advance urban conservation strategies guided by a city-wide tree assessment and heat island assessment that will be published in 2015.



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