I am a Kentucky native. In recent years I look around and see that really nice land around the state is being developed. A lot of farmland is going away. Some of the neat areas that we have are being lost.


Over my lifetime, I have tried to protect some of these special places before they are totally gone. For example, in my opinion Rough Creek is one of the neatest places in Kentucky. It is so beautiful that at one point, when land was cheap, I bought creek frontage little by little in hopes of developing a trail. Later on, land became harder to acquire. I secured a few places, but nowhere near what I wanted.


I also own some prairie land in the Flint Hill area. Jim Aldrich from the Conservancy’s Kentucky Chapter calls it “Knight’s Barrens.” Upon first visiting this property with me in the late 1980’s, Jim discovered several rare plant species and informed me of how special the site was due to its 500-acre size and ecological diversity. The Conservancy implements several management practices there now – including cutting red cedars and employing controlled burns – to increase that diversity and benefit the native prairie habitat.


I plan on leaving this land to the Kentucky Chapter in my will. It is my way of preserving a piece of Kentucky.

The Legacy Club is a group of Nature Conservancy supporters who have made a lasting commitment to conservation by making a life income gift with the Conservancy or by naming the Conservancy as a beneficiary in their estate plans. If you would like to help build the long-term financial strength of The Nature Conservancy, but cannot make a significant gift today, this may be a solution for you.


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